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The Forest Review


The Forest is a survival horror video game in development by Endnight Games for Windows. The game’s alpha version is set to release through Steam Early Access on May 30, 2014.

In The Forest, the player must survive on an island on which their character’s plane has crashed by creating shelter, weapons, and other survival tools. During the game the developers want players to question whether the island’s cannibalistic tribe is the enemy of the player or vice versa; for example, while fighting the player, the cannibals may try to protect one another from injury. Though there are no set missions there will be an optional conclusion to the game.

The player will be largely safe during the day, allowing him to construct shelter and collect supplies, as the island’s inhabitants are nocturnal.


The Forest Review Graphics

I started with graphics because its the feature that caught my eye when the trailer came out. The graphics is really refined to the point that you really think its real. This game is currently on “Early Access” so it has a lot of bugs but the graphics is enough to make you forget those bugs exist.



The Forest Review Cannibals

I am a bit disappointed with the AIs. They aren’t that smart as what the developers described during the development of The Forest. Currently, all they do in the map is just walk around during daytime and hunt you during night time. It doesn’t matter where you are hiding during night cause they will still find you. I noticed that they can’t find you even at night if you keep on moving. For some reason, they are programmed to spawn around your location at night which is a major let down in my opinion. It takes out the realism of being hunted and the thrill if you will be found or not.

Kill it with fire!

The Forest Review Kill it with fire

Also, you can easily kill the mutants with fire. They seem to be programmed to ignore whatever obstacle is blocking their way to you. Sure they can climb trees and all, but the fact that they can’t even go around a fire pit doesn’t make any sense.


The area is huuuuuge! Everytime you start a new game it doesn’t generate a new map but the crash site’s location is randomized. It took me a at least an hour of gameplay just to get familiar with the island.

There are some areas that aren’t accessible yet like the snowy mountain across the river.


The survival mechanics of the game is really challenging. 1st you need to gather food around the crash site to replensish your energy. You need energy to run, chop down tress and even in defending yourself.

Building is my favorite part in The Forest. You need to strategize how your base/fort would be setup. You need to balance the area that your base covers with traps, walls, lighting, etc. One silly move can cause you a ticket to the caves.

So far, the best weapon I’ve come across with is the flare gun. It deals area damage and 1 flare shot should be enough to kill a mutant.


The Forest is a game that all Survival Horror fans have been waiting for. It is a survival simulation in very realistic world which reminds you of the movie “I am Legend” where you hunt during day and hide at night.

*A few bugs can still be experienced in-game since it is still in alpha.

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The Forest Review

The Forest Review


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